Help needed as ALT immediately

Position: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) for Board of Education

Area:Mikawa,Owari, and Chita

City:Ichinomiya, Inazawa, Oharu, Takahama, Minami Chita etc.

The Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) position is an excellent opportunity for an individual wishing to have the chance to experience Japanese culture and work at the same time.

Details of ALT Position:

Contract :April 2023 - March 2024

Hours of Work: It depends on the city(Ex: 8:30~16:30, weekdays)

Daily pay 8,000 yen~12,000 yen(include transportation fee)

Medical check-up required, including lung X-ray

ALT Duties:

・ Responsible for aiding Japanese teachers in creating andimplementing English conversation curricula and training programs throughoutschools

・Other responsibilities may include assisting with office or administrative duties specified by the City Board of Education.

・Prefer to have prior ESL, eikaiwa, or ALT experience, or atleast, some previous teaching experience(No teaching experinece is acceptable, as we will provide youwith initial training and follow-up training.)

・Hold a valid residence/visa status that permits work in Japan. This position is a great opportunity for an individual who hasan interest in teaching children and promoting cultural understanding between countries. If you are interested in this job, please send your resume to