Cosmo Book Club 第4弾!


日程:4月11日, 4月25日, 5月9日, 5月23日, 6月6日 土曜日

The fourth edition of the Cosmo Book Club is starting soon!
The next edition of the book club will be a little different from the first three – we’re going to study poetry!
Each class we will read one (or more!) of the most influential poems in the English language, from all ages of English literature.

For those who haven’t joined the previous classes, the Cosmo Book Club is a place where we read works of literature together in English.
These aren’t special editions or language-learner materials; we read the same versions of the books that native speakers do.
The purpose of the class is to make reading a part of your life.
Consistent reading practice will increase your vocabulary, help your understanding of grammar, and boost your reading speed.
All of these skills can benefit any student of English, especially those who aren’t used to reading already.
If you have difficulty with the time limit or the later sections on the TOEIC, our book club might be useful for you.
The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.
We spend each class discussing questions students have about challenging passages in the books, and we talk about the deeper themes of each work as well.
If the class sounds interesting, but you think, “But, I’m bad at reading English and discussing difficult topics,” then this class is really for you!
You’re free to talk as much, or as little, as you want, and you’ll have a place where you can find answers to your questions.
We’re waiting for you. Come and join us!